Pre-recorded, self-paced 6-hour program for people with any level of knee pain & athletes
Designed and conducted by Dr. Rajani Patil - Founder of Orthosports Physiotherapy

Get Stronger, Conditioned, and Pain-free Knees in 3-days without experimenting with remedies, exercises, or treatments!

Are you suffering from knee pain that’s affecting your daily life? Have you had a history of knee pain that you just cannot seem to get rid of? Is a past knee injury still keeping you from moving pain-free? Are you an athlete who wants to build strong knees against overuse injuries?

Then you are at the right place!


This is a very hands-on course!  In 6 hours, you’ll learn practical, focused, knee strengthening exercises and techniques
along with strategies and lifestyle changes to keep knee pain at bay!

Module I – 

  • Understanding the knee
  • How alignment affects the knee
  • Muscle Activation Techniques and Exercises for better knee health

Module II – 

  • Foot and footwear check
  • Glute and Core focused strength Level 1
  • VMO Level 1

Module III – 

  • Overall lifestyle check – do’s and don’ts for knee health
  • Focused knee strengthening exercises
  • Plyometrics for lasting knee strength
  • Kinetic chain control and activation exercises
  • Joint health tips


  • Pre and Post Course Knee Assessment
  • Lifetime access to recordings for self-paced learning
  • Physiotherapist Support
  • Exercise Videos and Slides
  • Bonus – ‘How to Get Rid of Pain FAST’ EBook
  • Certificate of Completion

Ideal for

  • People who have newly developed knee pain and would like to heal it before it gets chronic
  • People with a history of knee pain
  • Athletes at risk of overuse knee injuries – Cyclists, Runners, and the like!


  • Individual: INR 1999/-
  • Group (3-8 ppl): INR 1749/- per head