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OrthoSports provides numerous health and wellness workshops to engage, educate, and motivate you to incorporate fitness into your daily lives.
Courses in interactive programmes like Posture Training, Core Workouts, Zumba and Pilates provides entertaining and effective ways to enhance your fitness.
Strength and fitness training with physiotherapists provides a comprehensive health programme ensuring correct techniques and minimal exercise-induced injuries along with accurate fatigue and pain management.

An extensive array of diagnostic tests in combination with relevant patient history is applied to derive a correct diagnosis and cause of ailment which is used to systemize an accurate prognosis and treatment plan.

The treatment is customized to aid the patient in achieving their functional best with due diligence to their personal limitations. While we strive to get you back to function, your chosen game or just life, our focus remains getting you fit and prevent future injuries. The strategy is to make sure that your pain goes away quickly and never comes back!

Some of the services we offer are:-

  1. Mckenzie Therapy
  2. Manual Therapy
  3. Soft tissue/myofascial release
  4. Therapeutic Exercise
  5. Pain relief modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and others
  6. Therapeutic Taping
  7. Dry Needling
  8. Core Stability Training
  9. Posture Training

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