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OrthoSports provides numerous health and wellness workshops to engage, educate, and motivate you to incorporate fitness into your daily lives.
Courses and interactive programmes like Posture Training, Core Workouts, Foam rolling sessions, provides entertaining and effective ways to enhance your fitness. Our workshops also include topics relevant to today’s lifestyle, health-related issues like Eliminating back pain, Knee pain, Women’s health, Osteoporosis, Spine and Posture clinic, Shoe clinic, Being healthy at work, Treatment and injury prevention for different sports like running, cycling, badminton, tennis, cricket, football etc and other health-related issues which are commonly encountered are covered in this workshop to provide you with basic understanding of these issues, exercises/guidelines and to prevent them.
Our workshops have been proven to be effective in providing insight into your health issues and create awareness.
1. Orthosports offers the most effective physiotherapy solutions to athletes in the city of Mumbai today. Ever since my first consultation with Dr. Rajani Patil almost three years ago, I can sincerely vouch for the accuracy of her diagnosis as well as treatment advice.
Which is why, when Orthosports announced their shoe clinic last week, I did not hesitate to register. The evaluation and analysis conducted were extremely beneficial. The advice given by Dr. Patil led me to make an informed decision about the exact type of shoes to buy. I am sure I can look forward to the pain and stress-free running in the months to come.
—- By Savio Periera
2. Visited the Shoe Clinic for the first time … will love to recommend it to everybody. Was very impressed by the organized way of assessment. It was very insightful and helped me to understand the way I run… Depending on this Dr. Rajani has recommended the shoes which are perfect for my feet. Thank You to the whole team of the Shoe Clinic!! If not for the Shoe Clinic and Dr. Rajani ….would have never known the importance of the right shoes.
—–By Dolly Sheth
3. The workshop on eliminating back pain was not only impressively informative in theory but also practically superb. The exercises shown to us by Dr. Rajani and Dr. Aditi was so practical, simple and enriching in helping us strengthen our back muscles and core and also prevention of spinal and back injuries. I am blessed to have attended this workshop and would definitely recommend one and all to attend these workshops which not only give you fantastic theoretical knowledge on various subjects but even practical exercises to help you and others too. Cheers and many thanks to Dr. Rajani and the Orthosports Team
—–By Neil Crasto