Health & Fitness Workshops

OrthoSports provides numerous health and wellness workshops to engage, educate, and motivate you to incorporate fitness into your daily lives.

  • Courses and Interactive Programs like Posture Training, Core Workouts, Foam Rolling sessions, provide entertaining and effective ways to enhance your fitness.
  • Our workshops also include topics relevant to today’s lifestyle. Health-related issues like eliminating Back Pain, Knee Pain, Women’s Health, Osteoporosis, Spine & Posture Clinic, Shoe Clinic, and Being Healthy at work.
  • Treatment and Injury Prevention for different sports like running, cycling, badminton, tennis, cricket, football, etc, and other health-related issues which are commonly encountered are covered in this workshop to provide you with basic understanding of these issues, exercises & guidelines, and prevention strategies.

Our workshops have been proven to be effective in providing insight into your health issues and create awareness.

Workshop and Seminar Pictures


Dr Rajini Patil was very generous in sharing her knowledge with us. She explained in layman’s language how a tigger point develops, to identify and release it effectively. Dr Rajini patiently listened, answered all our queries and corrected our technique as she made her rounds as we practiced what was taught. The workshop helped me deal with tigger points in my quads which prevented me from exercising effectively Thanks Dr Rajini, looking forward to the next workshop. 😊
Cynthia Mendes
Trigger Point Workshop
Body checking is not always about giving blood and checking the haemoglobin . It’s also important to understand the strength and endurance it can show as you age. Thanks to Dr Rajni from ortho sports physiotherapy who had conducted this workshop which gave me insight about my body strength, agility and endurance and made me realize were I need to work on . Hope to attend more such workshop in near future.
Rhutula Jadhav
How Fit You Are - Fitness Test
Have attended two awesome workshops by Orthosports Physiotherapy.One was for Run without injuries and other was trigger points . Dr.Rajani told us in such simple language about the correct form , posture. Things not to do were very specifically told. Trigger point workshop was also very good and very helpful for even everyday aches and pains. Thank you Dr.Rajani for such informative workshop. Looking forward to attending more such workshops.
Pranoti Joshi
Run Injury Free & Trigger Point Workshop