Bulletproof Back & Core Program

Most frequently asked questions and answers

If you want to work on your back and core strength in a step-by-step and structured manner, this program is for you.

Your activity level doesn’t matter.


This program has been designed to help people get rid of back pain through back and core strengthening exercises.

It definitely will. This program is like no other. I’ll be leading all the sessions and carefully monitoring each participant and altering exercises based on my observations to help you get the maximum out of the program.

There’s no such thing as spot reduction. When we work on core we’re hoping to tone and strengthen the core muscles and make sure our back is supported well to prevent injuries and problems.

Combination of cardio + core exercises + diet helps!

You can attend the same session in the alternate batch. If even that’s also not possible – all sessions are recorded and the recordings are provided to all participants for reference. You can watch them as per your convenience.

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Build a strong back and core with proper professional guidance and without any injury!
Total no. of sessions: 10 (5 Weeks)