Workplace Wellness

In the new age fast-paced lives, workplace wellness is key to ensure longevity and productivity at work. At Orthosports we provide physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation of work-relevant injuries with an appropriate return to work planning. We educate on injury prevention and workplace ergonomics to help you keep up with your workplace needs.

Regular systemic evaluation of functional capacity along with education on correct posture and fitness requirements can reduce health limitations and sickness absenteeism leading to fewer work accidents and enhanced performance; in this stead, we offer a range of customizable corporate training programmes. Our training programs include Workplace Ergonomics workshop, Fitness for the Workplace Seminar, Posture Training Seminar, Workstation Assessments and many more.


Following are our corporate offerings

  • Ergonomic Workstation analysis
  • Ergonomist/physio on site
  • Ergonomist/physio on-call
  • Ergonomic equipment recommendations

Onsite Training & Seminars

  • Posture correction workshops
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Reap big benefits with Good health workshop
  • Celebrating womanhood workshop
  • Get Fit- Get  Active workshop

We have corporate engagements with Goldman Sachs, FedEx, Times of India, Medtronic Pharma, Pinstorm Advertising, Reliance Cement, Bayer, Mahindra Finance, HSBC, PNB Housing, Dockendale, L&T, Manipal Hospital, MyCare Wellness.

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