An Integrated Course for Physical and Emotional Wellness of Kids amid the pandemic Pre-recorded, self-paced 6-hour program for Parents & Kids (Age: 7 - 14 yrs)
Designed and conducted by Dr. Rajani Patil (Spine & Sports Physiotherapist), Dr. Reema Shah (Psychologist), and Mrs. Anuja Amit Patel (Dietician)

Do you think increased screen time has started altering your kid’s behavior and health? Do you believe that inactivity has started affecting your kid physically (weight gain, lethargy, headache, eye pain, etc) and mentally & emotionally (stubbornness, uncontrolled anger, loneliness, poor quality sleep)? 


It’s been over a year that the schools are shut, and constrained access to socialization, play, and even physical contact has started to take a toll on children’s health and well-being.

If you answered ‘YES’ to even one question, I urge you to enroll for this crash course. It’s a 3-module integrated course through which you and your kid(s) will learn a great deal about fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being.


Module I All about Fitness by Dr. Rajani Patil

  • Topics – Posture assessment and correction, Exercises to be done daily to increase height, Building bones to prevent health issues later in life,  Avoiding back issues, How to choose the correct shoes for daily wear and sports, Flat-footed kids: What is normal? What to do?, Sports Activities: What is ideal at what age?, Understanding sports injuries in kids

Module II Child Motivation 101 for parents by Dr. Reema Shah

  • Topics – Understanding Motivation, Ways to motivate your children and the science behind why these motivating techniques work or don’t work, Demotivation : how to identify it, The art of staying motivated in stressful situations.
  • This session also includes a 1-hour session on Kid’s fitness by Dr. Rajani

Module III Nutrition for Kids | Speaker: Mrs. Anuja Amit Patel

  • Topics – Importance of Nutrition in childhood (Guidelines for Parents), Eat Right to Stay Fit (Healthy and Balanced diet concepts for kids), Tips to deal with emotional eating in kids, Food and family bonding
  • This session also includes a 1-hour session on Kid’s fitness by Dr. Rajani


Ideal for: Parents and Kids (7 – 14 Years)


  • Individual: INR 1999/-
  • Group (3-8 ppl): INR 1749/- per head