Pre-recorded, self-paced 6-hour program for Runners | Level: Beginner to Expert
Designed and conducted by Dr. Rajani Patil - Founder of Orthosports Physiotherapy

The strengthening and mobility workouts are super-efficient which helped an amateur runner like me by keeping me injury-free and at the same time improving my pace tremendously. I could successfully shave off 30 secs per km.

– S. Sridhar’s Google Review
of the Crash Course

Enroll in this crash course to become an Unstoppable Runner in 6 Hours without experimenting with exercises, shoes, or treating injuries endlessly!
***Course fee includes Gait Analysis & Injury Consultation***
This crash course is based on my 2 decades worth of experience of having treated 10,000+ runners in my clinic and post marathons! I’ve realized that athletes who underperform lack knowledge of proper form and techniques. With minor adjustments, they outperform themselves EVERY SINGLE TIME!


Module I Understanding the basics

  • Running Fitness Assessment,
  • Warm-up and Cool Down Exercises,
  • Running Posture

Module II The Secret to Running Better

  • Strength Training the right way
  • Activating the kinetic chain,
  • Nutrition for optimum running

Module III The Underdogs

  • Fascia Release
  • Foam Rolling and Mobility Drills
  • Recovery Techniques
  • Shoe Guidance


  • Lifetime Access to recordings for self-paced learning
  • Physiotherapist Support
  • Exercise Videos and Slides
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Downloadable Resources – Runner’s Guide, Marathon day to-do check-list, Practice assignments

Ideal for: Beginner and Seasoned Runners


  • Individual: INR 1999/-
  • Group (3-8 ppl): INR 1749/- per head
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