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Headache or Migraine: How to Differentiate Between Headache and Migraine

The world’s most common ailment, besides back pain happens to be a headache! We all remember that one day which got ruined because of a headache. We don’t think much about headaches – we all get them, it’s fine! However, when the headaches become frequent, they can become debilitating. This is one ailment that is difficult to diagnose. People who get recurrent headaches have often been to a myriad of doctors, undergone several tests and tried various remedies.

Do you suffer from heel pain

Do you suffer from heel pain? Here’s what you can do!

Heel pain or pain on the bottom or back of the foot is more common that you think. It afflicts the serious runner, a gym enthusiast, a walker or even the housewife who stands for long periods of time. It is one of those conditions that is ignored for a long time before one seeks medical assistance. This is the reason why heel pain becomes chronic very quickly and tends to become a ‘companion for life’ if you are not careful.

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