I have heel pain and it hurts the most in the morning. What can I do for this?

This condition is called plantar fasciitis; however, if there is heel pain but it is not necessarily in the morning then the diagnosis and treatment are different. The most common reasons for this pain are tight arches, tight calf muscles, and over-pronation or supination.


Aggressive calf stretching (several times a day), change shoes, or use orthotics if you are an over pronator or supinator (a gait analysis or a consultation with a sports physiotherapist can help you figure this out). A ‘magic’ treatment is to roll a golf ball under the arch for a half-hour once a day ( it sounds excessive but it works like a charm). If these treatments do not work, a few dedicated sessions of physiotherapy will help. A cortisone (steroid) injection should be the last resort since the steroid can weaken the arch ligaments and result in a tear later on.


Plantar Fasciitis is common in athletes and amateurs alike.
They affect a wide range of people yet most of us are unaware of its treatment and tend to suffer through it till it reaches an unbearable point.
In this video, I have explained and demonstrated the treatment to help you recuperate to your best.

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  1. Dr. Rajani
    Thanks a lot for the suggestion. As you know where I faced the same problem and finally went for steroid injection and running with Arch support insoles, when I run without insole it again pains little and not able to run but the same time I’m not comfortable with insoles. Kindly suggest what’s the solution for this.
    Ravi Nadar

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