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Do More Women Suffer from Knee pain? Find out why!

Many studies have shown that women tend to suffer from more knee problems than men due to physiology and hormones. Yes unfortunately this is true! Several women who come to my clinic will tell me that their joint pains increase during their menstrual cycle. Studies have shown that active women are up to eight times more likely to suffer knee problems – particularly injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) that stabilizes the joint – than sporty men. Why? Partly because of our hormones and partly because of the way our bodies are made.

Corporate Modules for Women

A woman excellently performs her life’s roles: daughter, wife, and mother. She manages to achieve a balance between her professional and personal life. But, somewhere along the way, she forgets herself- she loses track of who she is and what is happening with her body and mind.

There are three main stages in every woman’s life – Puberty, Marriage, and Conception and menopause. Each of these stages comes with their issues. Inner issues such as hormonal imbalances can lead to problems such as bone loss, back pain and insufficient absorption of nutrients.

A large percentage of our workforce is women. Physically fit, mentally satisfied and happy women make excellent and productive employees.

Our programs are tailor-made for women & cover all relevant topics that can help them achieve inner and outer beauty and health.

Is marathon running different for women?

Marathon training is tough. But, the more you run, the more you love your body. Not because it is perfect, but because with every mile it makes you believe that you are capable of something more than you expected to be.
Running has a myriad of benefit and if women are aware of these special factors that impact their fitness they can overcome any obstacle to running and continue to run to their heart’s content.

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