Be Fit at Work: Preventive measures for you to Work Efficiently and Avoid Unnecessary Injuries while at Work | Orthosports Physiotherapy

Day in and day out I get patients whose pain has originated at their workplace. So no matter how much they treat their condition, the minute they get back into faulty postures at work, they are back to square one. Whether you are a gym enthusiast or a sedentary person glued to your laptop, it is essential to know how to keep yourself injury-free at work.

Do you mix up Headaches with Migraines? Stop getting confused between the two and learn the difference!

The world’s most common ailment, besides back pain happens to be a headache! We all remember that one day which got ruined because of a headache. We don’t think much about headaches – we all get them, it’s fine! However, when the headaches become frequent, they can become debilitating. This is one ailment that is difficult to diagnose. People who get recurrent headaches have often been to a myriad of doctors, undergone several tests and tried various remedies.

Here’s How You Can Say YES to Midlife Fitness and NO to Midlife Crisis!

As one crosses the threshold of 40 various things start to happen. The first one might be your friends making fun of you for being on the ‘wrong side of 40’ but more importantly, you might start to feel not as vitalized or energized as before. This happens not only because of the physical aspects …

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