Want to Get Fiercely Fit at Home? Work on Getting Your Basics Right!

Fitness is a concept; Fitness is a necessity; Fitness is full of myths and differences of opinions. Getting fit means different things to different people. What fitness should mean is that you are feeling energetic, strong, and healthy at any given time.

I have dabbled in many forms of fitness and recently before I took up strength training my husband asked me- what is it that you want to achieve? (Remember I am the expert in this field but at home obviously ghar ki murgi) I wanted to say HOT like Angelina Jolie or SEXY arms like Jennifer Aniston. But I ended up saying I want to feel good about my body, feel energetic, and feel fit. So even though in the past I have done some running and walking and cardio workouts, I picked strength training at home at a reasonable frequency (twice a week). Given the fact that I am running one clinic, one home, one husband, and 2 kids…ok joking but seriously sometimes it can get overwhelming, and I did not want this to add to it. But I have to say that I have never enjoyed working out as much as I do now. I did not know I was a Strength Training Girl!

When I see my patients starting a fitness routine and being forced to stop for various reasons (read injury) I really want to reach out and knock some sense into them. If you don’t have the basics of fitness right; if you don’t work on a step-by-step plan; ease into it and use the necessary precautions or do the kind of fitness routine that is right for you then how do you expect to sustain consistently and see results?


If you have been unable to sustain a workout then your reason could be one of the below. Pick your reason(s)!

  • Working out using random videos without credibility
  • No supervision (form and technique is everything)
  • Working out at home without shoes (so road needs shoes but tiles don’t?)
  • Not understanding your body before starting a new program
  • Training with a not-so-expert (read no degree)
  • Not listening to your body; ignoring all signs of injury; not respecting a previous injury
  • Wanting a hot bod in a hurry; wanting to run a marathon right away; wanting to be the fittest person alive in the least time possible!
  • Doing the wrong type of workout
  • Not doing a balanced exercise program based on cross-training rules and your fitness levels
  • Not investing in strength training enough as required by your sport
  • Not having an accountability buddy

For this very reason, I teach tons of preventive workshops that focus on using the right movement patterns, activating the right muscles, recovering properly, and addressing pain the minute it starts, just following basics properly- all geared towards getting you to enjoy the journey of fitness without having to give up mid-way.

My Get Fit At Home Series focuses on following the step-by-step plan rather than jumping to big fancy exercises fast; getting you fit without injuries and making it simple so that you can work out at home without any expensive gear and yet be super effective. It is fitness from a sports physio’s perspective (obsession with never getting injured).

Enjoy the road – the journey of fitness and the results will come. If you race to the end at breakneck speed you may falter and fall. Let me show you how!

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