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The Orthosports story as told by the founder Dr Rajani Patil


I have been practicing sports and spine physiotherapy for 17 years of which the first 8 years were in the US. When I moved to India (Mumbai) about a decade ago I was appalled at the type of practice that was going on, of course as compared to the US. I knew that the newer advanced practices that I had learned in the US would greatly benefit people in India and hence I set up Orthosports. I was happy to provide care the way that I knew- quick relief from pain, no prolonged sessions, no excessive use of passive treatments but focusing on active treatments enabling patients to get up to speed, to life as quickly as possible. Over the past few years physiotherapy practice standards in India have improved greatly overall especially in Mumbai but I always kept myself and my practice one step ahead. I would go to the US every year, learn new techniques and implement here.

Two years ago I decided to set up a better bigger practice so that more patients would benefit from Orthosports Physiotherapy- the caring, reassuring, quick way to get back to life- work or play! Today Orthosports has grown to 2 locations and a team of 8 doctors. We have included many new services such as posture assessments, marathon fitness, shoe prescription, insoles prescription, sports massage, office ergonomics advice and many more. We have partnered for several marathons, sports tournaments and specialized sports events also many Pan India events. I am proud of my team and the kind of care we provide- simple effective strategies for recovery and a genuine approach towards our patients.

I am invited to several speaking events including shoe prescription, foam rolling therapies and corporate ergonomics which is my way of giving back to my community. My vision for Orthosports Physiotherapy is to reach as many people who need to get back to life today as quickly as possible. The Orthosports team is always at service to make this happen.