How accurate is the wet test to buy the right running shoe for me | Orthosports Physiotherapy by Dr. Rajani Patil

How accurate is the wet test to buy the right running shoe for me?

It has been accounted in numerous magazines and books that all you have to do to buy the right shoe is to look at your footprint i.e. the wet test. Stepping on a paper after dipping your feet in water and then looking at the footprint tells you the kind of arches you have; and then according to the arch, you buy the shoe. This is, however, not accurate at all. The reason is simple. The wet test is a static test; which means that it indicates what my arch type is while standing. But it does not tell me what my arch does when I am walking or running.

Essentially, the shoe has to be able to accommodate or support the arch while running. When I see patients about their shoes, I have them run barefoot on a treadmill which helps me analyze what the arch type is and what kind of shoe to fit the runner in. Sometimes an orthotic or insole may be prescribed if I think it will help improve their running performance or keep them away from injuries. So to fit for the right shoe, you must always consult an experienced professional.


As a runner, your shoe is THE most important investment you make. Hence, choosing the best running shoe for you should be on top of your game plan, as wearing the wrong shoe can fail even the best of training and diets!
Watch the entire video for simple, theoretical, and practical techniques that can help you in figuring out which shoe to buy!

Best running shoe 2020 | Orthosports Physiotherapy by Dr. Rajani Patil

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