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Dr. Rajani Patil

Dr. Rajani Patil is a Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Specialist with 15 years of extensive hands-on experience at injury prevention and injury management and performance enhancement. Dr. Patil has a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from A.T. Still University, the United States of America (USA). She also has certification in McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis

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V. R

I suffered from a degenerated L5-S1 disc, probably injured during a skiing fall or during weight training. When I took physio therapy, the therapy allowed me to return to normal, but I had frequent spasmodic attacks, upon which I had to rest a few days and try therapy again. When I consulted with Dr. Rajani Patil, I had been facing this issue for 2 years. The approach that Dr. Patil took was very different from the prior doctors - instead of throwing the book of therapies at me, Dr. Patil assessed what movements caused pain, and what did not, and recommended a set of exercises that assisted with relief without causing pain. The process took a few weeks but there was significant improvement in pain, movement and flexibility. The key was figuring out the need for an SI belt to support my back. After more progress, she helped me add strength-building exercises, again, without causing pain, but supporting my back. Now, after a few months, I am able to run, and generally move about more freely than before. I feel much more assured of my back strength and am much closer to a normal lifestyle now. I have only faced one spasmodic attack in the last 8 months, compared to 1-2 attacks per month before. What I think was different about Dr. Patil's approach is that while she has her list of exercises to try to each issue, she does not apply them in a theoretical fashion, but based on the specific combination of issues the patient faces. This approach of understanding the impact of exercises on the patient before applying them regularly, and regular re-calibration and building up is quite unique and ultimately was the approach that worked for me.

S Bhasin

When I met Dr Rajani, my cervical muscles were extremely weak and I used to feel dizzy many times even on walking swiftly. My speed of walking was like a 70 year old and I could not drive my car at all. I felt depressed because my physical activities were very limited and I had to depend on my family members to take me anywhere outside the house. I had lost my freedom of movement and many normal activities. after 12 session treatment with Dr Rajani I became much healthier and stronger. I am driving my car from the third session with her and today I feel at least 5 years younger in my energy levels to do any activity. I am also back into exercise.Dr Rajani is very experienced and knowledgeable and has a fantastic diagnostic efficiency and even better expertise of treatment for musculo skeletal system and has a very practical and scientifically modern approach.

i would always recommend her to family and friends with full trust and confidence. Thank you doc!!

S. Rattan

I had visited Dr Rajani Patil for a shoulder injury. I had been very apprehensive as this was a muscular tear and I had been told that I would be totally out of action for atleast 6 months....

I have to start with Dr Rajani persona...she came across as a very warm and encouraging doctor....she was very affable and extremely knowledgeable. She knew most of my issues before I could express them which is the sign of a very good and experienced doctor and it is very comforting for a patient.

In a period spanning 3 months my shoulder healed completely....but the initial pain excruciating pain died down within a few days of therapy and ice packs.

Dr Patil was not just a doctor to me, she was like a friend that I used to go and cry out my woes to and she would patiently listen to me...a virtue I don't see in many doctors these days unfortunately....she would make mental notes and address each issue that I had...she made herself available at my convinience (since I was working) even at awkward and early morning hours...

I thank her wholeheartedly for all her efforts and time spent on my recovery and wish her all the very best for her future!!

A. Naik

10 days prior to my wedding date, I suffered from bouts of dizziness while shifting, tilting my head. I went to see an orthopaedic who concurred that I have Vertigo, compression in my vertebrae. But i was not satisfied with this explanation so I got my self check by the physiotherapist Dr.Rajani patil. She checked me well and gave me some session of traction and exercise in the following days and suggested I wear a neck collar. I was much better after a few days and fortunately i was off the Neck collar by the time my wedding date arrived... She made me understand the crux of the problem, which was my bad ergonomics at work and posture. And she gave me the right exercises for a quicker healing. I now refer to her for most of my muscular problems. I am mighty impressed with her way of diagnosing, suggestion and method to tackle problems. I have referred quite a patients to her including my mother.

Suhas Basakhetre

I had organized event for my client, Mahindra Logistics on Women's International Day. Event was jointly handled by Dr. Mohan Rant and Dr. Mrs Rajni Patil.

Dr. Mohan Raut spoke on gynecological and pregnancy-related services and Dr. Rajni spoke on Spine related troubles- Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.

Both of them were extremely great on Content, Delivery and enlightening the participants. Their mastery on the subject is impeccable. They solved many queries and cleared many doubts of participants.

Appreciative email from client is an indicator of acknowledgment of highly successful event.

I have no hesitation of recommending individual Dr and collective too.

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