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Why us?

Dr. Patil is the founder of OrthoSports Physiotherapy with three clinic locations across Mumbai. She believes in prevention of health issues and provides guidance regarding the same. Dr Patil is a proponent of a healthy lifestyle that includes proper hydration, systematic exercises and nutrition. The goal of OrthoSports Physiotherapy is not only to help one find relief now, but also to give tools for continued good health.

Who we are?


Dr. Rajani Patil is a Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Specialist with 15 years of extensive hands-on experience at performance enhancement, injury prevention and rehab for athletes. Dr Patil has a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from A.T. Still University, the United States of America (USA). She is a certified McKenzie practitioner(Cert. MDT, USA), has advanced training in Maitland Manual Therapy (USA), and specialization in Sports Physiotherapy by North American Sports Management Institute (NASMI, USA). Dr Patil has extensive experience in both India (7 years) and USA (8 years) working independently with patients as well as collaborating with leading orthopedic surgeons in prevention and rehabilitation of knee, ankle/ foot, shoulder and spine injuries/surgeries.

Dr Patil is the founder of OrthoSports Physiotherapy with three clinic locations across Mumbai. She is a sports physiotherapy consultant for the Bombay Presidency Golf Club; Adidas sponsored marathon events as a gait-analysis expert; on specialist panel with several fitness groups, etc. She is on expert advisory board of health and fitness magazine ‘Krunch Today’ and writes regular health and fitness related articles for various forums. She is an ergonomics consultant for several wellness companies addressing corporate wellness and health. She is also an academic faculty at Exercise Science Academy -Associated with American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM, USA) and Indian Academy of Health and Fitness (IAHF) conducting lectures and workshops for physiotherapists, fitness trainers and allied health professionals. Her research articles have been published in the Indian Association of Physiotherapy (IAP) Journal and Times of India. She frequently conducts health awareness programs and workshops across Mumbai. Some of the organizations that have benefited from her expertise are: FedEx, Bayer, Times of India, HSBC, Mahindra Logistics, ASIRT, Life Insurance Round Table and PNB Housing Finance, Medtronics, Pinstorm Advertising, Reliance Cement, Dockendale and many others.

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